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In the Acacus mountains there are many place where you can find ancient Rock Art. Acacus Rock Art Spectacular sand dunes east of the Jebel Acacus. Acacus Sand Dunes
Another open square. Ghadames Tuareg entering the Gate. Ghat
This Natural Arch was the place to set up camp after about 100 km driving through this magnificent landscape from Ghat. Jebel Acacus A Medusa head in the Severan Forum. Leptis Magna
The Theatre. Leptis Magna 2 Relaxing on top of a sand dune. On the Road
Qasr Al-Haj. An example of Berber architecture. It was build in the second half of the 12th century. Qasr Al-Hay and Nalut Theatre, once it was the largest in Africa. Sabratha
Spices in the Old Medina. Tripoli Cool water. Ubari Lakes

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